What's Your Next Game?

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It's hard to get excited about our careers sometimes. Especially when bad news surrounds us. Between high unemployment, low morale, and reduced compensation, who can blame you for not wanting to jump out of bed energized and ready to start each day? Maybe what you need is a new game to play. Something that gets you excited again. Whether it's a new job or a new way of doing something in your present position, a new game (or goal) gives you something to look forward to. Plus, you will no longer be "waiting" for something to happen in your career; instead, you will be making something happen. So How You Can You Create A New Game? Follow These Steps: 1. Decide To Play A Game The game cannot begin unless you commit to it. The ball cannot be thrown to you unless you are on the field to catch it. Maybe you want to know that you will win first before you play. Or, that every moment will be worthwhile. Guess what? You will not get this guarantee up front. The miracles in our career happen when we say "yes" and jump in. (Mistakes and all.) There are a million reasons not to play now. (Fear, money, uncertainly, etc.) But there are a million and one reasons why you should not wait anymore. 2. Start Playing Are you in one of these two places? You either have no idea what's next for you in your career, or you do know and haven't done anything about it yet. Either way it doesn't matter. It's time to get started. Many people fail because they never begin. Start small. Small steps increase your confidence and lead to completing other small steps. Small steps on a regular basis are more effective than larger steps taken inconsistently. Slow and steady always wins the race. 3. Create An Official Game Plan Once you begin, the momentum begins too. But without a plan you are just playing for fun. Your career is important and it means a lot. A plan adds organization to the game because it details specific actions and steps to help you win. A plan can be formal and long, or uncomplicated and short. Here's how to create one. Take your career goal and break it into smaller pieces. Get out your calendar and write down the specific small pieces you will do and when you will do them. Look at your calendar everyday. Look at your game plan everyday. Tweak and make changes as you go along. Use your game plan to motivate you. After all, your game's underlying goal is for you to live into your greatness. 4. Keep Playing There may be days when you do not feel like playing. Maybe you got hurt or are giving yourself a hard time over your last performance. Keep playing anyway. The championship goes to those who keep playing even when they do not feel like it. It's ok to take a break. It's not ok to take yourself out of the game completely. 5. Play To Win You got to be in it to win it. "Someday I'll play." Let that someday be now.

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