Sample Interview Questions - Part 5

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Welcome to the fifth part in this ongoing series where we are looking at some of the potential questions and scenarios you are likely to encounter at your logistics
related interview. Some of these are questions are more generic, while others are specifically related to logistics.

While working in the field of logistics, you may find yourself working with places and people that speak other languages more fluently than English. So, you may be asked if you speak any other languages yourself that might assist you in such a scenario. Give this some real thought though, as you may think those two to three years of Spanish in high school or college qualifies you as a Spanish language speaker. Unless you are seriously fluent in a language, to the point where you could keep up with a fast paced conversation on the phone or in the field, understanding the smallest detail of what was being said, then chances are you are not qualified as a fluent speaker of the language. So only state that you do, it you really honestly are fluent in that language.

However, you could honestly answer an interview question like this by stating that you have a basic understanding of the structure of language "X" and that if needed for the position, would be willing to take additional training and courses to become more fluent. Someone with a foundation established in the language may get a slot before someone with zero language experience.

Many times, people hear about a job opening from their friends or relatives who work at a company. So it is common practice for an interviewer to inquire if you may know someone already working at the company. If you have a friend or family member that would give you a glowing recommendation, then feel free to mention them. Do not, however, mention someone you sort-of-kind-of know, or someone that you know but may not be well known by enough to give a great recommendation. That could backfire and be less of a benefit than simply not mentioning anyone. Many companies will shy away from hiring family members that will end up working with or for each other, and if you have a family member at the company, they should be able to tell you the company’s typical policy on that before you go through the trouble of applying for a position in their section.

More to come.

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