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A truly great movie creates a teachable lesson for those who watch it because art imitates life. As a business professional, you can learn how to navigate some real-world challenges after watching a few Hollywood blockbusters. Take a look at these seven must-see movies that can take your business acumen to new levels.

1. "Erin Brockovich"

Julia Roberts played the no-nonsense and hard-nosed Erin Brockovich as the titular character fights for social justice. This film lets you see how a company can affect the public and the greater good. A business professional will gain insights into how to get things done when stubborn roadblocks get in the way.

2. "Catch Me if You Can"

If you're a business professional in sales, you can relate to "Catch Me If You Can." Leonardo DiCaprio plays a con artist who convinces people that he's several different personalities. Watch this movie ahead of a sales presentation and become inspired by how DiCaprio's character wins the day with his quick wit and attitude.

3. "The Social Network"

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook during his final semester at Harvard, and "The Social Network" dramatizes that frenetic time in Zuckerberg's life. Based on a nonfiction book, this movie relates how tough it is to start a successful business. It also shows the mindset of millennials in case a business professional needs to figure out how to deal with that generation of consumers and co-workers.

4. "Up in the Air"

If you're a manager, "Up in the Air" is a must-watch to teach you how to relate to co-workers by recognizing they are just as human as you. This movie also gives you a chance to realize the lightheartedness you have to display when you have a busy life on the road as you jet from meeting to meeting. After watching George Clooney try to balance work and life, you begin to see there's more to your situation than work and a career.

5. "Office Space"

"Office Space" makes you laugh because you recognize the quirky and disparate personalities you have to deal with in your own work space. When you have the office ninja arguing with the fear monger and the double-crosser on a regular basis, taking in this film can ease the tension of everyone on your team. Think about your first job and relive those memories after watching Diedrich Bader steal the show.

6. "The Devil Wears Prada"

Learn why you must master your job quickly from the "The Devil Wears Prada." This movie explores the life of an office assistant for a high-powered fashion magazine in New York. The on-screen struggles of Anne Hathaway's character will renew your faith that your boss really does notice your hard work and you reap the rewards from it.

7. "Secret of My Success"

Michael J. Fox stars as a young business professional going to New York trying to make it big. If you're an entry-level employee, this movie will help you laugh off your struggles as you adjust to your new life.

These must-see movies offer several ways to relate to your situation and your co-workers as a business professional. Consider having a movie day one afternoon a month, and watch one of these films as a way to bond with your team.

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