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For salespeople, the pitch is only the start of a long-term client relationship; to maintain it, you must work hard to keep the client coming back for more. If you're looking for new sales tips and tricks to enhance your company's customer experience, consider the element of surprise. When you take the time to add unexpected value, you can delight customers and increase the chances that they keep coming back for more.

When closing a deal, many sales sales professionals simply deliver the expected product to the client and move on. This process usually makes clients happy, but it doesn't necessarily set you apart from the competition. Though the US economy is growing steadily, according to USA Today, you're likely to be up against a number of other salespeople for any given project. Including a surprise with each delivery can be just the thing to gain an edge and help ensure that the customer thinks of you in the future. When it comes to sales tips and tricks, a simple, genuine surprise can transform a client's impression of you and your business.

In most cases, the easiest way to surprise a client is to over deliver. Include an extra item, throw in a complimentary service package, add a free sample of a coordinating product, or offer to help the client with setup. Choose carefully, keeping in mind your budget and availability; as with most sales tips and tricks, your first attempt will set the stage for your entire relationship with the client.

A surprise gives you a way to demonstrate your knowledge of the customer's needs; when chosen well, it can position you as a thoughtful, caring subject-matter expert. As you consider how to surprise your client, ignore sales tips and tricks that advise one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, consider the client's unique circumstance. Is your customer currently struggling to hire competent technical staff? If so, volunteer your time to help integrate the purchase into the company's existing IT workflow. For a client who has expressed an interest in expansion, include a book or case study profiling a similar company's growth process. Even small, inexpensive items, such as printed articles, send the message that you spent time thinking about your client's unique business needs. This alone can improve the customer experience—without underhanded or dishonest sales tips and tricks.

As far as sales tips and tricks go, surprises can pay off well in the long run. Though it will take time to find the perfect thing for each client, including surprises that fit into your budget and make good use of your resources is a quick, simple way to build customer loyalty.




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