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Content strategy is the new buzzword for businesses looking to expand their online profiles. While it may be considered a separate entity from advertising, advertising has becoming increasingly dependent on content creation. Ultimately, learning about content strategy goes back to the source that necessitated it: the Internet.

Led by top-notch instructors from reputable universities all over the world, massive open online courses (MOOCs) allow you to learn about content strategy and other advertising topics in a flexible setting. Coursera, a pioneering MOOC company, lists hundreds of open and upcoming classes at any given time and has previously hosted courses on content strategy and advertising. Because MOOCs offer convenient online access to daily video lectures, group discussions via message boards, and recommended reading materials, they're a great way to acquire in-depth knowledge of content strategy on a busy schedule. In addition to MOOCs, numerous online companies provide detailed training videos for a fee, and some may even be available for free on popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

Another significant online resource is social networking. Establishing profiles on Facebook and Twitter helps promote your company and advance advertising efforts, but it also represents an opportunity to develop an expansive professional network of like-minded individuals. Unsurprisingly, some of the leading experts in content strategy maintain a robust social-networking presence. Add them to your friends list along with other advertising and marketing professionals. Join Facebook groups and Twitter conversations where the topic of focus is content strategy and reach out to your contacts when you need guidance or have questions. Through social networking, you can connect with millions of colleagues who encompass a breadth of personal knowledge and insight unmatched by any other medium.

For other modes of peer collaboration and input, take a look at Meetup, which is an online site that connects you with offline groups. Locate hundreds of meetups dedicated to discussing the shared interest of content strategy or opt to start your own group if one isn't available in your area. These in-person meetings give you the freedom to learn unhindered by time differences or lapsed Internet connections.

Written content is a classic and invaluable learning tool. Print and online publishing offer a wealth of resources, from books to e-books to articles. A search for content strategy on Google turns up millions of related websites and articles. You can also head to your local library and bookshop to get your hands on the leading books on the subject. Save your favorite blogs and articles and pad your bookshelves with helpful volumes; some may be worth a second glance and can refresh your memory on difficult concepts down the road.

From diversifying your advertising portfolio to overhauling your marketing campaign, content strategy has become a necessary skill in the world of advertising. Leverage the Internet to learn about the right and wrong ways of doing content creation. Online articles, classes, and social-networking sites will help you get started and stay up to date on new developments.

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