Workplace Habits That Will Impress Your Boss and Benefit Your Career Planning

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Every boss wishes to have employees who can do their jobs well and can contribute to the growth of the company. Even in a highly competitive workplace, there are things you can do to make sure you stand out. Below are some tips you can use to be considered among the most valuable members of your department.

Always Communicate

Especially during the initial stages of your relationship with your boss, see to it that you communicate on a consistent basis. But then again, you have to be extra careful not to ask and offer too much information to him. Ideally, you should update him about the progress of your work or your assigned project. And don’t hesitate to ask important questions that have something to do with your job.

Be an Active and Responsive Listener

Bosses appreciate employees who respond to them appropriately. It is not enough that you nod or shake your head in response to whatever he tells you. Acknowledge what he’s saying to let him know he’s heard and understood.


Every boss likes it when someone offers good suggestions on how things can get done at work. During meetings, you can present your own ideas on how to resolve certain issues or how to enhance systems in the office. This will make your boss think of you as a source of great and useful ideas.

Know How You Can Fit In

The personality of your boss is an important consideration when you try to figure out how you should conduct work in the office. Is he detail-oriented? Does he want things well organized? Looking at his habits and tendencies will give you an understanding of what he expects from his workers, and this is exactly what you should give him.

Anticipate What Your Boss Needs

If you have been working with your boss for quite some time, you should be able to know what types of information he needs, when he needs it, and how he wants to receive it. Giving him something before he actually asks for it will definitely make you stand out.

Be Engaged in What You Do

Yes you took your job to have money, but you should also learn to love what you do. This means that you have to put your heart into it, and always think of ways you can be useful to your boss and the company. You don’t have to argue with your boss all the time, though, but neither should you just agree with whatever he says and asks you to do. Be proactive and show enthusiasm at work. Employers are always willing to give promotion to those whom they know care as much for the company as they do. At the end of the day, this will be beneficial to your professional growth and career planning.

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