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It's not all glamour and glitz, but it does have its perks. And you can move up the ladder fairly quickly.

One of the gaming industry’s biggest perks is you can start right in without much work experience. You don’t need any special training to get an entry-level casino job. You will need a clean criminal record, pass a drug test, and prove that you’re of legal gambling age in your area.

If you start on the floor of a casino, like most, you'll need boundless energy and be tolerant and respectful with people—all kinds of people—from demanding to shamelessly greedy. Expect to be on your feet for six to eight hours at a time. As a newbie, you'll probably get graveyard hours.

On the upside, you’ll enjoy a vibrant workplace, occasionally meet some top-drawer performers and big spenders (read: big tippers) and make some close friends along the way.

You should know that you'll be entering a field with high turnover rates--especially if you opt to work on a cruise ship casino. If you stay for more than one or two seasons, chances are good you'll be promoted due to attrition and seniority. Make it to upper-level management and you can expect to earn anywhere from $75,000–to $100,000 per year at some of the bigger resort chains.

On the downside, casino managers have to put up with a lot of grief. They have to be on top of everything happening on the floor. They also must take the brunt of angry customers with a smile. Keep in mind that some angry customers lose their life's savings in casinos and they will expect you to be "understanding" about it.

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