Which Hospitality Job Best Fits Your Personality and Career Goals?

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If you’re looking for a job in the hospitality industry, one of the key things you have to ask yourself is, where do I fit? What type of job makes me want to jump out of bed and rush to work? Believe it or not, there are hospitality workers who are that excited about their jobs.

You need to be honest with yourself in answering some basic questions. For example, does hotel foodservice excite you or would you prefer a private catering gig? Do you like working with numbers or people? Does the idea of helping people give you sense of satisfaction? Can you maintain a high level of energy for most of the workday? Do you like the structure and corporate culture of a large branded hotel or resort chain? Or would you prefer the longer creative leash of a smaller “indie” establishment? Are you prepared to move overseas if the large chain asks you to? Do you speak any foreign languages?

To help answer some of these questions, many hospitality grads and even experienced employees have turned to GigZig. The program gives employees and job seekers an insight into specific career paths, comparing job stats of five years past with what a person is doing now.

Some job seekers can get the inside scoop on an employer or career path by going online and following tweets of employees already working. You can also look into summer internships to get a feel for the kind of hospitality work that best suits you.

For an added perspective, check out this video:

Got any job tips you want to share? Have you worked for large or small hotels? Include your comments section below.

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