What To Do on Your Day Off to Make the Most of It

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On your day off, all you need to remember is that it’s your day not to do any work whatsoever. It’s easy for us to get caught up in work, but that can have a negative impact in the long run—even if we love what we do.  

You’ve earned it 

A lot of hard-working individuals feel guilty when they take a break, but you need to understand that you’ve earned it. There’s no shame in indulging yourself, and if people tell you otherwise, ignore them. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you’ve been working hard. 

Enjoy your hobbies 

Engage in your hobbies or find new hobbies to get into. You get to do things simply because you enjoy them. It’s a great way to relax and calm your nerves from all of your stressful work days. 

Stress doesn’t equal productivity  

Some people like to believe that the stress they get from work is a sign of how productive they are. This is absolutely false! Constantly stressing over your work doesn’t make you more productive. If you know you’ve been stressed consistently, find the time to take a breather. 


It’s true that working at something consistently will make you better at it, but never stopping will cause you to burnout! When you burnout, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get anything done. This is one of the clearest signs that you need a break. 

Talk to friends  

If there are friends that you haven’t talked to in a while, try reaching out to them. You can even plan in advance for when you’re going to be taking your day off. Talking to old friends can be a great refresher and reset, reminding us of the important things in life. 

Rest your mind 

Even if you end up lying in bed all day, as long as your usual stressors are out of your mind, you’re doing the right thing. Making the most of it doesn’t mean going all out, it means that you’re putting your mind at peace the way that you want to. 

You come first 

Especially on your day off, put yourself first. Often our days off consist of appointments and meetings that we can’t take during the normal workday. Our entire lives only being about checking things off our lists isn’t realistic. Designate a day off (or part of it) to just doing something nice for you.  


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  • Cynthia C.
    Cynthia C.

    Sure, I agree. We should work hard and not get stressed out, and on our day off we should try to relax and treat our self to something special.

  • Maureen J.
    Maureen J.

    The 40-hr week allows one day to rest & one day for chores. If there's a miracle, some time for recreation.


    I wholeheartedly agree with this article. On your or rather YOUR day off you are the most important person. And through that you can be a big value to your family and friends.

  • Jehannah R.
    Jehannah R.

    Thank you for assisting me to get hired. :)

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