What Is Your Value?

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Everything has a value.  Value is whatever you think something or someone is worth.  If you know what your true value is in the workplace, then you can increase it to make yourself a more valuable employee.  How exactly do you do that?  Here are some suggestions that may help.


Get training in other areas.  This is called cross training.  Asking your manager about getting training in other areas will allow you more experience in other positions.  When you do this, you are showing your supervisor that you want to learn, grow and advance.


Making sure you have a sterling reputation.  You want to think about what sets you apart from your co -workers.  What makes you special?  You want to create a reputation that you are proud to own up to and that your employer will value.


Being a problem solver.  Employers want employees that can solve problems without constantly looking to management.  If you are good at resolving issues and help keep the organizations functioning smoothly, you will always have job security.  Find ways to improve procedures, process, and systems that are currently being used. Encourage your co- workers and be supportive, offer help if they need it.  By showing control and solving a crisis, it makes your value go up in the eyes of your employer.


Keep your personal life personal.  If you have problems at home, hang them at the door.  Confiding to a close friend during lunch or break is different than having a dramatic breakdown at the water cooler.  Work is not the place to have or cause drama. Calling, texting or emailing your friends when you’re on the job is not something you want to be noticed doing. By being professional, it shows you have your priorities in the right place.


Strive for excellence in everything that you do.  Be responsible and make sure your work is on time or even early. Whether it’s an email, a project or just keeping your work area cleaned up, it shows your job is your priority.  Arrive early, leave late, dress appropriately, and be upbeat and friendly.  Keep your energy level up and always acknowledge people in the halls, at their desks and in the corridor. Remember, everything you do can increase or decrease your value.


Get involved in company activities.  You can volunteer to lead department projects, offer to help with the company Christmas Party or be the head of the company fundraisers.  Make your presence known.  It’s the little things that you do or don’t do that have an impact on your value.


So the question is, what is your value?


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