What Does it Mean that Job Security is Disappearing?

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Human resources expert and CEO Liz Ryan says that when her parents worked full-time jobs, it was common for people to stay at one job for 10 to 20 years or even longer. In 2017, it's rare to find someone with job security for three to five years. In a competitive job market where anything can happen, discover these 10 things you can do to enhance your chances of always having a job.

1. Own Your Position

You must see your position and your career as owning a business to fully understand your job security. Do your market research to find out what similar positions pay by looking at salary surveys and compare them to what people make from your employer.

2. Look at Consultants

One way to research your salary is to examine what freelance consultants make while doing your kind of work. What do these people charge per hour?

3. Know Your Impact

Know what kind of financial impact you have on your employer. You should feel great about your job security if your position adds value to your company. If you're not sure what financial impact you have, then your position isn't essential and you can be replaced at any time.

4. Expand Your Horizons

Take control of your own job security by expanding into gig opportunities on the side. Build up your freelance opportunities over time so you have steady work, even if your full-time position disappears through no fault of your own.

5. Brand Yourself

Brand yourself as a problem solver who can deliver results for specific types of jobs. This makes you indispensable in the eyes of an employer and clients.

6. Network

Keep your network alive with regular contact with people within your closest circle. A new job can be just an email away if you hear of a lucrative position through someone in your network. Attend industry events, think beyond your traditional industry and reach out on LinkedIn.

7. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Update your LinkedIn profile by participating in groups, posting blog entries and getting into discussions with influencers. Branch out from your normal industry and connect with people in positions who could help you find work at some point in the future.

8. Watch Your Local Area

Understand which companies in your local area might use your skills in the event you face a layoff from your current position. Get creative and find any companies that could use your services aside from your current industry.

9. Determine Current Trends

When you focus on current market trends, you have a better idea of what to expect in the weeks and months ahead. If anything seems amiss, prepare to scramble as your job security might change quickly.

10. Become a Leader

Branch out and become a leader in your field. Think like someone who has ideas that can move your company forward. Discuss these ideas with colleagues, influencers and your boss, and then see what happens to your career.

Job security looks like a complicated issue. When you take control of your future by approaching your career like a business owner, these 10 things become second nature as you grow into a career-minded person.

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