What Do You Believe About Your Career?

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Some people talk about "belief" as this thing that only works for people who are successful. Ask these successful people what drives their success, and they'll often mention positive thinking and affirmations. But people who struggle often attribute the success of others to "good luck" and their own struggles with "bad luck."

If those who are achieving great things in their careers keep using the same words over and over again, maybe they are repeating these words because they are true, or because repetition helps it become true. Maybe being successful really is simple and straightforward. You believe and then you achieve. If this is the case, is it finally time to follow their advice?

In a world that puts out a lot of negativity, it's a challenge to think positively. But unless you do, your goals won't happen. A negative attitude holds you back. It makes you doubt yourself and your ability to reach your goals. This can be changed if you want it to change. The flip side of thinking negative is positive. If you have a career goal in mind, one that you really want, it's time for you to shift your thinking and your focus.

So How Do You Believe? Follow These 3 Steps Below:

1) Chose To Believe

If you don't think that believing in your goals works, then you won't believe. And, your goals won't work. Without belief, the magic in your career is gone. Many of my clients want to be excited, motivated, and passionate about their careers. Belief is at the heart of this wish. When you believe in something, you feel giddy, like a child who knows that anything can and will happen. You get that pep in your step, and you have something to look forward to. Belief gives you a reason to get out of bed everyday. It fuels your fire and moves you forward in a strong and powerful way.

2) Say Your Career Goals Out Loud

When you speak something, rather confining it primarily to your thoughts, it becomes real. Many people are afraid to speak about their goals because they don't know the outcome. You don't get a guarantee upfront in your career. You get a feeling that something feels right and then you go after it. Usually if it feels right, it is right. Try it now. Speak your goal. How did it feel? Good, I bet. Now, who will you tell, and keep telling?

3) Achieve Your Career Goals

If you work on your goals, you will reach them. If you don't work on your goals, you won't. Once you believe you can achieve your goals, and you've said it for the whole world to hear, you are ready to act. Put one foot in front of the other and keep walking (or running) until you've reached your destination. This may sound too simple to be effective, but what's wrong with simple if it works?


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