Three Creative Ways to Get Noticed for Ad Work

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Traditional job-hunting methods may not give you the edge you need to find ad work in a tough economy. Advertising tips for job hunters often focus on creative ways to get noticed within the industry. While there are many ways to get noticed in face-to-face situations, these three advertising tips will help you get that first in-person interaction.

If you're not on Twitter, you should sign up for an account today. Twitter allows you to practice distilling your ideas into a mere 140 characters, and it's also a great way to network with people you admire. Begin following advertising-industry leaders and people employed at places that do good work. Ask for advertising tips from people who seem accessible on Twitter. Link to creative advertising campaigns that you see, but be sure to add your own perspective to the tweet.

Maintaining a blog can also be a good way to showcase your advertising acumen. If you're unsure what to blog about, look for a narrowly focused subject that relates to the work you seek. A graphic artist could blog about typography, for example, while a copywriter might analyze effective ad copy. The key to creating a good advertising blog is to offer your own perspective on the subject you write about. Don't just link to great ads; take the time to tell readers why you think they're great.

Even if the people within your industry never read your blog, the act of posting will help you clarify in your own mind what you find valuable within advertising. How do you feel about native advertising? "Adweek" says it will make up a large segment of the advertising industry in 2014, just as it did in 2013. Knowing how to respond to this question intelligently will help you when networking and interviewing. Blogging can help you elucidate your positions on a variety of key topics.

Find a clever way to get your resume in front of people who make hiring decisions. Don't overlook advertising tips that focus on perfecting your resume, but don't rely solely on responding to job openings to find work. One person received a job after using a billboard to advertise his talents to top ad firms. Another person used Google AdWords to encourage possible hiring managers to click on his resume. Don't merely copy these ideas. Instead, you should execute your own creative advertising idea to exhibit your unique abilities.

Reading advertising tips can help you brainstorm, but the best way to land an advertising job is to develop your own unique ideas. Networking online can be useful but will generally reap dividends only if you have a distinct perspective to share with a larger audience. Instead of looking for advertising tips and tricks for your resume, work on honing your own ideas and learning more about the industry you want to enter. That way, when you're in front of someone who can hire you, you'll know exactly what to say.



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