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In a competitive job market, job seekers are determined to stand out in a sea of applicants. With the help of a stunning cover letter, a job seeker can get noticed quickly. Consider some ways to improve your cover letter.

Convey Genuine Enthusiasm

You should aim to construct your cover letter in a personal yet professional tone as if you are speaking with the person directly. Conveying enthusiasm in your writing is essential to stand out in the job market. Avoid using vocabulary in your cover letter that you do not use when speaking unless your position is of a technical nature.

Sell Yourself Well

Focus on selling yourself and bringing attention to your best qualities. Your cover letter is a chance to have a voice outside of the credentials on your resume, so don’t be afraid to sell yourself to positively influence the hiring manager. Use your cover letter to highlight the skills and abilities you possess that can help you excel in the position. Avoid sharing personal information that is not relevant for the job in your cover letter to keep the focus on your compatibility as a job candidate.

Use Relevant Keywords

If you are submitting your resume online, it is important to use powerful keywords to outsmart the applicant tracking system. By adding key terms and descriptions to your cover letter that coincide with the job description, the applicant tracking system is more likely to select you as a compatible candidate for the job.

Address Your Cover Letter Correctly

If you want your cover letter to get into the hands of a person who can help you get the job, then you must address it to that person. Find the name of a hiring manager or a member of the human resources department, and then address the letter to him or her. Be sure to use the person’s proper title as well to avoid offense.

Use Sensible Formatting

Long, complicated cover letters can be a nuisance, so make sure your cover letter is formatted well if you want the hiring manager to read it in its entirety. A hiring manager may have to review the submissions of hundreds of candidates, so aim to create one no more than a page long. Avoid using large blocks of text so that it is easier to read by using white space to achieve balance in your cover letter.

Follow up Soon

Job seekers who do not follow up after applying for a position often lose out to bold candidates who are willing to speak up to stand out. After you submit your cover letter along with your resume, it is important to follow up with the hiring manager. Wait a day or two, and contact the hiring manager to let him know you are truly interested in the position.

If you can use your cover letter to make a great impression, you can successfully obtain the job. Your cover letter is often read before your resume, and an excellent one can grant the edge you need to secure the interest of employers. Polish your cover letter to ensure it is neat and error-free, and include relevant information that makes you stand out as an ideal fit for the position you seek.


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