The Value of Joining Hospitality Social Networking Groups

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As a hospitality professional, you know the importance of social networking, which is why you’ve learned to link up with associates, employers, and recruiters—people who will help you move up the ladder.

But in this hypercompetitive economy, where jobs are super scarce and promotions tough to get, you need to go the extra mile. That means joining the key social networking groups that can really help guide your career. The benefits of joining a social networking hospitality group can’t be understated. They include:

Job board. Here, you’ll find jobs that cater to the specific skills, interests or geographical location of that group.

Power networking. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with senior members of the group to advance your career.

Discussion forums. Most professional groups have them. Here, you can post comments, ask questions and seek sage advice from senior members of the group. This is an excellent place to learn about news and new job opportunities in your industry.

Career Specific. Most social networking hospitality groups are focused on a specific career. That means you can find groups for chefs, restaurant managers, hotel managers, hotel finance or sales, human resources and many others keyed to your career path and location. You may also decide to join a special interest group—for wine or tea or sommeliers. Joining a social networking hospitality group is easy. Here are a few LinkedIn groups you might consider:

Fine Dining. Chefs, Restaurant Managers, F&B Directors + You Must be currently working in fine dining.

Fine Dining Asian Cuisine Chefs. Only Fine dining Asian cuisine practitioners please.

Casino and Gaming Network. Covers The Caribbean, Central and South America.

World's Best Sommeliers. Networking group for Advanced level and Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine.

For an additional perspective, check out this video:

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