The Five Steps to Securing a Better Job

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It happens time and again. Someone loses their job but it's not the specific job they are upset about losing, it is the fact that they are now jobless. Many people hold jobs that they are not particularly attached to or invested in. If you have recently lost a job that fits this description, then read on to discover the five steps that you need to take to secure yourself a better and more satisfying job. Step 1: Be willing to embrace a simpler lifestyle to increase your career options. You need to decide what is most important to you in your ideal career. If it is most important to you that you maintain your current lifestyle, then salary will be the driving force behind all your decisions; however, if you are open to embracing a simpler lifestyle, this will open up a whole slew of career choices for you to explore. Step 2: Determine your career necessities. In order to target your job search into a certain field, determine your career necessities. In other words, discover what you need in a job in order for you to feel fulfilled and happy. Once you find out what is nonnegotiable, tell your entire network. Someone within your network may have a career suggestion for you based on this. Step 3: Train effectively for your new chosen career path. Once you know your career path, you will probably need to undergo some training. Keep in mind that there may be multiple possible routes and, if there are, choose the most time efficient one. You probably don't have the time or money to complete another degree. So try to come up with an alternative that will give you some practical training within the field. A great option is to enlist the help of two experts in the field. Ask them what you should read, what workshops or seminars you should attend, and even if they would allow you to shadow them in their jobs. Step 4: Perform an intensive job search. Most people are sporadic in their job search. They may answer one or two ads a week, not utilize their networks, and keep their job search part time. Those that search for jobs in this manner are more unlikely to succeed. Your job search will be quicker, more encouraging, and more successful if you perform an intensive job search. Apply for multiple job opportunities in your desired field for which you are qualified, enlist the help of your network, and utilize the potential of the hidden job market by conducting cold calls. By making your job search a fulltime activity, you will be more successful, more quickly. Step 5: Negotiate wisely. When you receive a job offer, remember to negotiate wisely. It can be effective to delay negotiations by asking to set up an appointment at a later date. By telling the employer that you have received another offer as well, you will be strengthening your position. Delaying negotiations will give you time to sense what you could reasonably negotiate, as well as help you to gauge whether or not this job is a perfect fit for you.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for the comment, Kathryn. It's one of those catch-22 situations where most employers want to hire people with experience, but you can't get that experience without a job. Just keep trying and market yourself by playing up the benefits of hiring someone who hasn't had the chance to learn bad habits yet.
  • Kathryn Harrison
    Kathryn Harrison
    When you spend time at an internship, why do employers discount this experience? Almost all job reirements are two or more years of experience to weed out the new graduates. Really not fair to us beginners

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