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This is the third in a series of “So You Want To Be A…” blogs about jobs in the hospitality industry. Hospitality and Tourism Jobs added the most new jobs last month, and with the summer vacation season approaching, there will be lots of opportunity to get an interesting job in a hotel or resort.

As with a lot of jobs considered “entry-level” hospitality, the role of the bell person is more than just carrying bags from one place to another. The bell person is an integral part of the customer service team, entrusted with the guest’s personal belongings. Guests not only bring their clothing but also a lot of high quality and expensive computer equipment, cameras, presentation and display equipment, golf clubs, etc., whether they travel for business or pleasure. The first essential qualification of a bell person is honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

The Bell Person is one of the first of the hotel staff to interact with the customer on arrival and the last when they depart. They can set the mood for the rest of the stay and form a lasting impression about the hotel and the entire brand. A bell person who is friendly, quick, and efficient and handles the baggage with the same care that he would for his own possessions gives a guest a level of comfort and puts them at ease about the rest of the stay. Impeccable presentation and courtesy is essential. They need to be friendly without being intrusive.

In addition to taking care of luggage, the bell person introduces the guest to the features of his/her room, explaining how to work the remote, thermostat, clock radio and other types of equipment in the room. Even the shower head in some hotels needs some preliminary instruction. An excellent bell person will know how everything works in the guest room and be able to explain it clearly and simply to the guest. Another responsibility is to check to make sure these things are in working order and set properly. There is nothing worse than getting settled in your room to watch TV and discover that there are no batteries in the remote.

Offering information about the area, points of interest and special events happening at the hotel or in the area is another responsibility for the Bell Person. They are responsible for pickup and delivery of laundry, messages, items requested by the guest and occasionally, room service items. They also assist with valet service (if available), deliver packages, and transport guests or other supplies around the property in company vans or golf carts. A good driving record, valid driver’s license, good physical ability, a sense of urgency and attention to detail are other characteristics essential to be successful in this position. The Bell Person has exposure to all areas of the property, and the opportunity to demonstrate his/her value to the organization.

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