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A common myth among job seekers is the cover letter is a formality. The truth is this letter could make or break your chance at nailing your dream job. A candidate who can show excitement about working for the company within application materials is even more attractive to hiring managers. Show how you are a good fit for the position by detailing your knowledge of the company within your introductory letter.

Hiring managers seek candidates with personality during the job search. Show you are personable and excited about the prospect of working for the company when writing your cover letter, recommends Lily Zhang for The Muse. Detail what you know about the company culture and show how you would fit well as a team member. In your preparation for the job, provide specific examples of how you worked with teams in a similar fashion that is characteristic of this type of business.

During the job preparation stage, do your research before sending out your cover letter. Know the company's mission and goals and align your objectives to fit with what the business sets out to accomplish. Your application materials should provide examples of your accomplishments relevant to the industry. Detail how you met goals and deadlines in previous positions and be specific about how these accomplishments impacted that company's operations and productivity.

Reference your professional network when submitting application materials. Hiring managers seek candidates who can provide references, especially references within the hiring company. Discuss your job search process and prospects with professionals within the industry, and gain inside information about what the company desires in a candidate. Use this information in your cover letter to show you have the ability to thoroughly research the company.

Illustrate how you can impact the company by getting creative. An applicant who can detail accomplishments related to the job by providing anecdotes, financial statistics and numbers relevant to the company and industry shows creativity and enthusiasm. Putting forth extra effort to customize your job materials also shows excitement at the prospect of working for the business.

Candidates who use a generic template to write an introductory letter can hurt their chances at obtaining an interview. Personalize what you have to say and illustrate your skills and experience relative to the job in a creative manner to show excitement and enthusiasm. Investigate what the company is seeking within the job description and expand upon your related skills when writing your cover letter.

Hiring managers sift through hundreds of application materials when hiring employees. Make sure your cover letter and resume stand out by you expressing excitement, enthusiasm and an overall understanding of what the company is seeking and the operations of the business within your letter.

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