Recruitment Trends in This Digital Age

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Can you believe hopeful job seekers once scanned the daily newspaper in an attempt to find potential job leads? Thanks to advances in technology, those days are long gone. The latest recruitment trends even make online job boards look like an outdated approach. Check out some of the most recent recruitment trends ushered in by the digital age.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, companies can streamline the hiring process without the need to take on more human employees. Rather than hiring managers shuffling through piles of cover letters, resumes and job applications, they can pass this work onto AI. For example, applicant-tracking software can scan stacks of application documents in minutes, searching for those important keywords that are relevant to the employer and singling out those candidates who should be called for interviews.

2. Social Media

While potential employers have been using social media for years to learn more about job candidates, many modern-day companies also take advantage of social media platforms as recruiting tools. LinkedIn is especially popular among recruiters, who use the social media site to search for professionals who have the skill set desired by the organization. Hiring managers can even reach out to potential candidates through the platform to set up an interview. To keep up with recruitment trends, some companies use Instagram Live to introduce would-be applicants to their business processes or utilize Twitter to attract applicants to submit their resumes.

3. Search Engine Optimization

To keep up with recruitment trends, you have to go beyond posting your open positions online. The next step is using search engine optimization. One aspect of SEO includes ensuring that your website is mobile-optimized. Many modern job seekers perform their job searches on mobile devices, so it's important that they have the ability to access job listings and application materials.

4. Texting

Since texting is identified as the preferred communication method among those between the ages of 18 and 44, it's no wonder it's catching on as a recruiting trend. Some companies send out text alerts to potential candidates, making them aware of job openings. Recipients can reply by text if they're interested and even set up an interview, all without speaking a single word to the hiring manager.

5. Targeted Advertisements

Retailers have been using targeted ads for a while, so it's about time that recruiters catch on to the trend. Have you researched a particular item online only to have that item show up in your online advertisements the next day? That's targeted advertising. Hiring managers can use the same tactic, targeting those who are searching for careers in the same industry or with a matching job description.

To keep up with other employers in your industry and hire the top candidates, it's important that you follow the latest recruitment trends. Consider using one of these five popular recruitment trends brought about by the digital age.

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  • James H.
    James H.

    I really miss those days when you could scan through the "Want Ad's". Today's online applications ate mind numbing and all your information usually ends up in a black hole never to be replied too.

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