Ready for a High-Paying Hospitality Career? Consider These Resume Adjustments

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The hospitality industry offers a large number of amazing employment opportunities, largely due to its vast array of career options. Whether you’re looking to become an executive chef or casino general manager, you could easily boost your income into the six-figure range. But doing so will require making some adjustments to your resume.

Highlight and Quantify Leadership

When you embark on a career in the hospitality industry, you are agreeing to take on jobs that will directly impact the public. This level of responsibility requires strong, self-assured leaders who can navigate customer service issues while leading a crew or team to meet a company’s overall goal.

If you are interested in a high-paying hospitality career, you will need to show that you have strong leadership skills. No matter which field you operate within, you will need to prove that you’ve been responsible for leading teams in the past, and then quantify your accomplishments in this role—something that can easily be accomplished by listing revenue earned, quantities of people managed, etc.

Showcase Your Versatility

Working within the hospitality industry means you’re taking on one of the more diverse career options out there. As a person interested in a high-paying job, it helps to show that you are a versatile candidate—someone who understands life at the managerial level but can also relate to problems across several fields.

For instance, if you are hoping to become a casino general manager, you could benefit from casino, hotel, and restaurant experience as many casinos encompass all three. Showing that you have a diverse background could give you a leg up on your competition.

Present a Deep-Rooted Understanding of the Industry

Another tip to consider as you push toward higher-paying jobs in hospitality is that most hiring managers are going to expect you to showcase a deep-rooted understanding of the industry. To help you gain this understanding, it’s a good idea to read trade magazines and Web sites that zero in on the ups and downs of hospitality—especially as they relate to the field on which you’re focused.

Don’t be shy about taking your knowledge one step further by setting up a Twitter profile dedicated to industry-related tweets—or even starting your own hospitality blog. Also, consider joining an industry-related organization. Of course, these details would be listed on your resume as further proof of your entrenchment in the industry, helping to push you ahead of your competition.

Earning a larger salary in any industry requires a higher level of dedication. Proving you are capable of doing the work that merits earning the big dollars is completely possible, especially if you make it a point to submit the right resume.


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  • Resty C
    Resty C
    I agree with the comments. I have been in the hotel and tourism industry with a leading hotel company to know what it takes to succeed in the tough and demanding hotel career.
  • bradley n
    bradley n
    loved it. especially about the part of starting own blog and/or joining an industry related org. when I read an article and half way thru I want to save to my favorites, thats a great article that was effective.

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