Parents Are Interfering with Their Child’s Job Search

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There is a disturbing new trend where parents are becoming more involved in decisions that should be made solely by their adult children. After years of micromanaging their children’s lives, many parents are not ready to let go just yet. As a result of this, numerous parents are becoming actively and excessively involved in helping their child find their first job. Some employers are beginning to embrace parental involvement in the recruitment process, however overall it is commonly viewed as a negative towards the candidate. Although many parents are just trying to help their child, their efforts may be hindering their child’s chances of landing a job. Candidates need to show confidence, initiative and demonstrate their ability to independently express new ideas, approach new tasks and think on their own. Where Should Parents Draw the Line? There are many parents who are unsure how involved they should be in their child’s job search process. Located below are several helpful guidelines: Don’t
  • Attend career fairs or networking events on behalf of your child. It is important that they personally represent themselves to prospective employers.
  • Sit in the lobby while your child is interviewing. It can create an uncomfortable experience for the employer, which could decrease the chance of a second interview.
  • Negotiate salary on your child’s behalf with the potential employer. It is best for your child to demonstrate independence and confidence to negotiate on their own.
  • Act as a career coach by helping your child better understand their personality, strengths and weaknesses in order to help guide them in the appropriate career path.
  • Forward a child’s resume to personal or business contacts for employment consideration.
  • Encourage and support your child in their job search by listening and answering any questions they may have about the recruitment process. You can also participate in role playing to help them prepare for the interview process or help them draft that perfect follow- up letter.
Tips for Candidates Job candidates should make every effort to reach out and represent themselves in a positive manner to potential employers. Here are a few simple tips that can help candidates increase their chances of landing a job:
  • Be professional. Develop a professional resume and dress professionally during an interview. It’s also important to follow up with a well-written thank you.
  • Identify targeted career sites based upon their area of interest or location and post resumes online.
  • Attend local career fairs to personally demonstrate skills and value to employers.
  • Conduct research on companies of interest before applying.
  • Come to an interview well-prepared and leave mom and dad at home.

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