No Experience? No Problem! How to Write a Resume with Little Job Experience

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While creating a resume can be a daunting task for many people, writing a resume can be that much more daunting when you are looking to break into a new field. A resume, itself, of course is usually a one to two page document that mainly highlights your work and educational experience. With little relevant job experience, writing a resume can be tough so read on to learn about how you can utilise your strengths to write a pretty darn impressive resume:

Highlight the Skills You Learned in College

That said, if you do not have much work related experience, but do have a college education, you may want to discuss the skills that you learned while you were in school. For instance, some of the skills that you can list include: organizational skills, time management skills, team player skills, analytical skills, the ability to quickly learn skills and so on. While you should list your educational information, you should also be more specific and list any relevant courses you completed while at college. For instance, perhaps computer, economics, writing, policy courses etc may be relevant to the position that you applied for.

Highlight the Skills You Learned On-the-Job

Of course, you should also list work experience – regardless whether it is relevant to the position as it shows that you are responsible and will make a good employee. However, you should try to focus on the skills that you learned at this job that you can apply to the position that you are currently seeking.

List Your Awards, Volunteer, and Extra-curricular Accomplishments

You should definitely list any scholarships and/or any awards that you may have won during your college career. Additionally, you should also list any extra-curricular, volunteer, or sports activities – in order to create a well-rounded resume that will impress future employers.

All in all then, by focusing on the skills and experience that you currently have and on your ability to learn new skills, you will create a resume that should all but guarantee the results that you desire.

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