New Grads – Tips For Moving Out, On and Up

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The first thing that comes to your mind after getting your degree is to find a lucrative job in your chosen field. The job market is highly competitive and it is important to prepare yourself before you start your job search. Multiple careers, downsizing workforces, and a lack of job security are realities of today’s job market. There’s nothing called a ‘lifetime career’ anymore - and on average, college students can expect to pursue about five different careers and change jobs about twelve to fifteen times during their working lives. Planning While most of us would love to get a job that pays well, what good is a job if it isn’t satisfying? You need to identify your goals and conduct a careful analysis of your skills and interests before heading out to find a job. Once you have a clear objective, it’s easier to focus on specific jobs that will give you both money and job satisfaction in the long run. For a more effective job search, focus only on target industries and companies that are located in your geographical area (or an area where you would like to live). Put your research and networking skills to work - during your job hunt, if you get any good consulting assignments or temporary job offers, don’t turn them down. These jobs will give you good exposure and experience, along with a decent paycheck. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of A Good Resume If you lack the skills to write a dynamic resume, then don’t waste time - seek professional help from a career coach. After all, you need a well-written resume to get interview calls. A career coach not only knows what impresses potential employers, but can overcome the hurdles that a first-time resume presents, such as lack of experience. A good career coach can not only help your resume present you in the best possible way, but can also help you clarify your career goals and evaluate potential employers. Best of all, they represent you and your best interests. Your First Job Interview Making a good first impression is important for successful job interviews. Make sure that you wear formal clothes for interviews unless you have been specifically asked to dress casually. Remember that on your first job interview, you are bound to be very nervous – that’s why you should be as well-prepared as possible, so there is less chance of you doing or saying something that could sink your prospects. A career coach can help you be more successful on interviews – helping you to master such topics as asking the right questions and the art of negotiating salary. Your first job interview may not necessarily end up with you getting the job, however you must know how to deal with different situations gracefully. As with anything worth having, the one thing that will help you find a good job is practice. Going on all types of interviews, even informational ones will help you become more comfortable and know what employers are looking for in candidates.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to leave a comment. These are really great ideas for building a career. Personally, I think that most people don't spend enough time in the planning phase. Before you can find the right job, you have to know what you're looking for.
  • Mitch
    I should have thought of that!
  • Prudence
    I couldn’t have put it better.
  • Michael Davids
    Michael Davids
    I used a career consulting firm to help me get started on my career. I found the advice of professionals to be of great help. provided me with career materials and phone support and made a hugh difference in my marketability as an employee.

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