Making the Transition from Maid to Manager

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Like Jennifer Lopez' Marisa in Maid In Manhattan, you've reached the pinnacle of efficiency as a "worker bee" and you're ready to move up to hotel management. Where to begin?

Most larger hotels have a formal strategy to help aspiring employees reach the management ranks. The goal of these programs is to energize star employees and help them become successful, effective managers. That said, you must work hard to beat the competition, for there are plenty in the rank and file who are hungry for that next rung up the ladder.

Most hotels have ways to recognize leaders and are eager to promote from within. They will have apprenticeship and mentoring programs that prepare aspiring staff for management. It's important to sign up for these programs as early as possible, and to let your supervisor know that you want to join the management ranks. Without being a pest, you must do what all good salespeople have been trained to do—ask for the order. You also need to stand out, since management slots are few in this bad economy. Once you get into these programs, you must perform beyond expectations. Your unique talents must shine and be highly visible.

How fast you're promoted to hotel manager will depend primarily on the size of the hotel and your aptitude for the management role being offered. If you apply yourself, you can be promoted to assistant front-of-house manager or assistant food and beverage manager in just a few years. International hotel groups combine promotional opportunities with relocation to exotic locales—a nice perk if you can take the mobility.

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