Is Certification the Way to Go?

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         What good does certification do for your job advancement?  What benefits, if any, does it reap?  With the job market shrinking and the economy the way that it is, how can you make yourself stand out? Sometimes experience alone isn’t enough.


When you have a certification, it shows your employers that you are dedicated to your craft.  It enhances your professional reputation plus it provides you an opportunity to sharpen your skills and development. If you are in a service or a product based industry, being certified shows the consumers the quality of your work. Another plus is that it can give you negotiating power for a pay raise by raising your salary ceiling.


An education certificate is a good method of advancing your career without having to go for a two to four year degree in a college or tech school.  It can qualify you for on the job or actual job training.  It can also allow you to experience new career opportunities with very little time or money invested.  A lot of businesses support continuing education and some will pay for your certification through a tuition reimbursement program.  By taking more courses, it can lead to advancement, more promotional opportunities and even better recognition.


Where can you learn more about certification?  You can learn from your peers who have already taken the courses and been certified.  They can tell you what courses they took and if they feel they were beneficial.  Some colleges and universities offer continuing education and certification programs.  Some of the courses they offer, for example, are: career training program, business, project management and even investigative science.  You can also look into professional organizations.  Some of them will provide training courses, workshops or offer prep materials for people who are trying to get credentials in their fields.


Also, depending on your field or industry, certification could mean tough certification exams or rigorous field assessments.  You could have to present your work in front of a panel of your peers or go through an application process with an industry certification agency.  Every industry or field has their own way of certification and how they go about it.


When you invest in your skills and capabilities, the doors to further opportunities will open.  So continue your education or certification in your chosen field.  By choosing to be certified, you show your employer and fellow workers that you have the motivation and drive to succeed and to remain ahead of changes in your chosen profession. It will show you have what it takes to stay ahead of the crowd.  It is even more important that you gain the knowledge you need to excel in your chosen field or industry. Having learning experience is important, but a certificate will show that you take your field seriously and that is what it is all about.


How has being certified helped your career?


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