Innovative Marketing to Build Revenue and Customer Loyalty! - Part III

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By: Randy Snyder

This is a continuation of my blog that was published on this site on 01/25 piece which addressed some marketing ideas that will have a short range affect on revenue and more importantly, a longer range affect by building client loyalty adding to the value of supporting a business!

Gifts with purchase can be another great concept that will create recall of your store every time the gift is utilized. The success of this concept depends on the usefulness of the gift and the prominence of the store's identity on the gift!

The gift could vary depending on the item purchased! In a Specialty Sports Store environment, runners and walkers always lack a place to keep their keys, money etc. A small pouch that can be tied into their shoe laces that has the identity of the store is a great giveaway. Inexpensive pedometers are another great and oft times used giveaway. Small towels with the stores identity for the customer buying workout equipment or cross training shoes are another item that everyone has a use for. Head and wrist bands are items that almost every fitness oriented person uses and needs.

In the case of drugstores or more “general merchandise stores, calendars with the name of the business prominently emblazoned, or pocket planners are items that have a broad appeal. The items should be presented as a surprise and appreciation for their business. Advertising can mention “Gift with purchase” without going into detail! Often times, vendors will already have some excellent give away items and would probably develop them if their logo was emblazoned somewhere on the item at no cost to you!

Cross promoting within your retail complex and location takes a little good will between stores that can build business capitalizing on the traffic within the shopping center or venue. Use your imagination! A restaurant's coupon can be good for a 10% discount in your store and the coupon presented to customers making a purchase in your store could be good for a free cup of coffee with a meal in the restaurant. Cross promoting is a matter of spreading the word by visiting neighboring merchants and discussing the possibilities and innovating with supportive business ideas and an “Everybody wins” attitude!

Public relations promotion and support on controversial social items or fund raising events donating proceeds to areas devastated by weather, etc. garner a lot of media attention and earn the business a “good citizen moniker! Certainly proceeds from events or corporate donations for “top of mind” maladies and chronic diseases always attract a lot of attention and favorable outlooks on a business.

These marketing nuances vary from media advertising and some of your customary approaches to building business. If you glean your current advertising and marketing budget, you will probably discover that the funds are already budgeted to “step out” and do something different that can make you stand out in the crowd and grow your business. If you need consultation or further idea expansion, feel fee to get in touch!

The author has written for Salesheads over the past year. You can check out articles by Randy on Saleheadsblog and you can view job postings on Beyond. He has over 25 years experience in specialty retailing and franchising and is currently an international retail consultant. If additional info is needed, contact him at or (p) 828 625 4932.


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