If Your Client Says They Are Working With Someone Else Should You Walk?

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It inevitably happens that sales professionals encounter customers who say they are working with someone else or satisfied with another company. Sales strategies need to be in place to counteract these arguments and effectively show customers that your business can provide them with premium products or services. Sales techniques focused on customer satisfaction may cause the consumer to reconsider.

Sales professionals must be prepared to persuade consumers with an honest and friendly approach. A script with a few common responses can springboard the discussion you may likely have with customers who are working with other companies or sales representatives. Instead of recommending a follow-up call within a few months, sales strategies need to include more assertive actions, explains Mike Brooks with EyesOnSales. For example, if customers mention that they are happy with another company, sales professionals should respond by stating that they are glad the customer is happy to acknowledge care and concern for the client's well-being.

The next statement should focus on recommendations for the client and feature the company offers in case the customer changes her mind or need products and services in the future. Take the opportunity to share pertinent information that the customer needs to have to make an informed decision.

A consumer who is working with another company may still be open to learning about the products and services you are selling. Take a moment to ask for some feedback and input from the consumer to assess their needs. Customers often appreciate sales strategies that seek their input. Recognize that the company they have chosen does offer quality products and then explain that your company offers similar services and additional features that may benefit the consumer.

Avoid making false claims or bad-mouthing the competition as these sales strategies turn the tone of the conversation to a negative one versus a positive one, which is ideal for selling. Consumers can often see through sales representatives who are pushy, negative and unable to recognize that the customer has options.

Sales strategies often include aggressive tactics that can make consumers uncomfortable. Opt for assertive sales techniques that are customized and focused on the client. Avoid dominating the conversation; instead, patiently listen to what the consumer has to say and pause at just the right moments so that the customer fills the silence with valuable information you need to know to promote products and services that meet their needs.

Sales professionals typically have limited time to persuade and win over a potential customer. Tailor your sales strategies to include techniques that are honest, friendly and helpful so that customers realize your company can offer more benefits, better products and services, and a helpful hand when compared to the competition in your industry.

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