How to Prepare a Press Kit for Your Company

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As an administrative professional, you may be asked to prepare a Press Kit to promote your company, its product or service. Press kits can be electronic or hard copy and both need to be promptly disseminated to the media. So what goes in a press kit? Typically, it should include:
Biographical fact sheet. This should be short, interesting to read and cover all the high points of what's really newsworthy.
Hi-Res Photos. Include at least one color and one black-and-white photo of the most newsworthy item or person. Also include high quality logo sheet with various size logos in color and black and white—with instructions for the proper use of both. Burn the photos onto a CD for hard press kits.
Tech/Stat Data. Include statistical or technical data to support any technical news. Charts, graphs, studies should be included in easy to absorb formats. Include any reviews or clips from other media sources.
Press Release. Write up an "Immediate Release" piece announcing the newsworthy item, person or development. Use an impartial, third person style, not ad copy. Submit the press release on company letterhead, with full contact information on the top left side. The headline should be in upper case, with a subtitle just below it in title case. The body should be three to five paragraphs.
Folder/Package. Depending on the company—Entertainment or Medical—you can get creative or keep things buttoned-down and straight. Either way, it should represent the personality of the company and look clean and professional.

Have you ever had to prepare a press kit?  Did you include items not mentioned here?  Let me know in the comments.
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