How to Move Up in the Hospitality Industry

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You were one of the lucky ones who landed a job in hospitality. You work hard, but somehow the promotions aren’t coming your way. You’re stunned that some less qualified associates with lesser degrees are moving past you. So what’s the problem?

Time to take a long hard look at yourself, your work and how well you “play” with co-workers. Most HR experts will tell you that you must at least possess a professional, neat and clean appearance that appeals to everyone. Aside from that, you might try some self-evaluation and “repair” that includes:

Groom for Growth. Do you have the physical bearing for a hospitality manager? Are your grooming standards up to those of the top brass in the company? If not, it’s time to re-groom. That means removing any and all body piercings, tattoos, multi-colored hair and long fingernails.

Part with Perfumes. Ladies: Lighten up on the perfumes. Gents: The faint scent of soap is quite enough. If you're working closely with guests, don’t overpower them with scents.

No Mare Hair. Long, unkempt hair can get into everything—food, towels, sinks, tableware, pillows, the list goes on and on. Best to keep it short or at least in total control.

Smoke in Secret. If you must smoke, do so outside where guests can’t see you. Remove your jacket before lighting up and wash the nicotine off your fingers afterward. Eat a breath mint after smoking. Smoke lingers on the breath, your clothes and even your hair. Guests offended by second hand smoke will mention the scent of smoke on you to your supervisor. Best to limit smoking to after hours, or just wear a nicotine patch if you’re totally addicted.

Press to Impress. If you’re working the front desk or deal with guests often during the day or evening, make sure your uniform is spotless and well-pressed at all times.

Control your Complaints. If you’ve been skipped over for promotion, don’t complain. There are probably a number of reasons why you haven’t been promoted or noticed. Start by working on the above steps.

Alex A. Kecskes has written hundreds of published articles on health/fitness, "green" issues, TV/film entertainment, restaurant reviews and many other topics. As a former Andy/Belding/One Show ad agency copywriter, he also writes web content, ads, brochures, sales letters, mailers and scripts for national B2B and B2C clients. Please see more of his blogs and view additional job postings on Nexxt.


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