Hotel Industry Expected to Hire Many New Workers in 2011

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Job seekers looking for work in the hospitality industry may find a sunny outlook in 2011. That's because unlike many industries that have sufferd in the current economic downturn, hospitality industry building cycles are out of phase with economic cycles. This occurs because the planning and construction of a hotel can take up to eight years. As a result, many new buildings were being "thumb nailed" when the economy was roaring along and scheduled to open their doors by the end of 2010.

In fact, nearly 100 hotels are slated for ribbon-cuttings in major U.S. cities this year. As many as 46 new hotels will open in New York City alone, and another 30 will be taking room reservations in Houston. When you commit to pouring the foundation and start construction, investors see it as a point of no return and the project is greenlighted to completion--even if market demand starts to fall.

More hotels coming out of the assembly line this year will give travelers a bigger selection of rooms. And that will probably reduce prices. It all points to lots of new jobs--at various levels--for those interested in pursuing hospitality careers.

Jobless Americans should welcome these opportunities, many of which are entry- and mid- level jobs that require little more education than a customer-service orientation and on-the-job training.

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