Hotel Industry Adapting to New Breed of Traveler

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The hotel industry is changing, adapting to the needs, whims and wishes of an ever-changing society and tech-savvy clientele.

In the film Dirty Dancing, Max Kellerman made sure his staff kept his guests happy with all manner of almost comical activities—like magic acts that had "baby" (Jennifer Grey) being sawed in half .

Today, hotels now rely on people entertaining themselves, primarily with increasingly high tech amenities. The American Hotel and Lodging Association, recently surveyed more than 10.000 hotels across the U.S. What they found was that the Internet and the availability of WiFi services and lobby-based Internet areas were a prime consideration for travelers--especially business travelers.

Four years ago, 35 percent of U.S. hotels offered WiFi. Today, that figure has climbed above 90 percent--with only a very few hotels charging for this service. To be on the map as a quality hotel, it simply must have Internet connectivity. The same holds true for in-room entertainment systems, which will become increasingly sophisticated with advanced sound systems, bigger flat screens and far more programming options.

Another trend is the healthier food being offered at better hotels. More guests are demanding and getting BIO foods (these provide nutrients as complex components of whole foods, the way nutrients are provided by nature). Dovetailing with healthier foods is the trend to offer more physical workout facilities--which include everything from gyms to exercise classes—even batting cages and miniature golf. The goal, of course, is to keep guests happy and staying at the hotel proper, so they can spend money on high profit brand items.

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