Hospitality Workshops Geared Toward Working Adults

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, the International School of Hospitality (TISOH) recently launched an online series of program workshops that will help you decide which part of this industry is best suited for you. 


Known as Career Exploration in Hospitality, this unique program covers six key industry areas: conference management & event planning, wedding coordination, concierge, hotel operations, human resources and catering. Each 90-minute program is comprised of a narrated PowerPoint introduction into the specific career field, followed by an hour long, one-on-one telephone consultation with an industry professional. 


Whether you decide to pursue a career in hospitality or simply seek more training to advance your career, TISOH offers certificate and diploma programs in Conference Management & Event Planning, Wedding Coordination & Design, The Art of Concierge, Event Design & Production, Art of Food & Beverage, Meeting & Event Catering, and Hospitality Leadership & Supervision.


TISOH’s summer classroom schedule for these seven certificate and two diploma hospitality courses typically begins in May and continues for three to six months. The vocational diploma programs provide comprehensive training in a specific field with applicable management training. The courses are specially designed for working adults. Each program is priced at $89 and enrollment is limited. 


If you’re in a hurry, TISOH offers 5-week FASTtrack certificate programs in Conference Management & Event Planning, Wedding Coordination & Design and Hotel Operations. FASTtrack programs meet every day and feature credentialed industry professional instructors.


TISOH’s campus is located close to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.  All TISOH programs are available online with rolling admissions. 



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