Google Pushing Changes to Online Display Ads

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Google is the biggest leader in Internet search technology in America, and its advertisements help fuel the bulk of the company's projects. Online ads are big business, and advertisers looking to get their messages across need to keep abreast of changes made by the search giant. The company now faces pressure in the world of online ads from a variety of competitors—notably major social media outlets—and is pushing changes to the way advertisers create ads as well as how it displays them. These changes could have a major impact on the effectiveness of your advertisements in the future.

The search giant is looking to change the way that users receive online ads. By providing greater choice and control to users, Google believes that it can increase the relevance of ad placement results, leading to more throughput and higher conversion rates on many online display ads. Giving users a choice when it comes to which types of online display ads appear in their search results or on sites monetized through Google, including YouTube, can help ensure greater relevance. Advertisers should strive to ensure that their ads are as highly targeted as possible. Focusing on specific markets and demographics can help reduce costs and convert more potential customers to actual buyers.

Advertising experts have long known that online ads need to be catchy and appealing, but Google seeks to enhance that further by giving advertisers the tools they need to create truly stunning online ads. Video display ads and engagement ads often appear alongside Web pages or on videos. Developments in Google search tools, such as changes to Google's flight search service, require advertisers to quickly harness new methods of creating ads. Display ads need to have all the quality of modern television commercials or magazine inserts, and Google hopes to work with advertisers to create this level of quality.

Engagement is paramount for online ads. Google's final set of changes would help advertisers deliver their messages in the most engaging manner possible. As demonstrated by the proliferation of social media outlets and the success of some of the biggest players in that industry, giving users the ability to share information about products with friends and family with a single click can drive sales and ad revenues. Advertisers creating ads with Google need to ensure that their ads work with the latest innovations in social media and engagement. This includes the new Google +Post ads, which allow companies to transform social media posts into advertisements in real time.

Google is changing the way that advertisers create online ads and how people interact with them. These changes can help increase conversion and click-through rates by providing heightened levels of choice, control, appeal, and engagement. This may require many advertisers to rethink their methods of creating online ads for Google, but the company offers a variety of tools to help advertising experts keep up with these changes.


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