Google's Display Advertising Business is Booming

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Search giant Google makes much of its income through online display advertising. A powerful algorithm matches ads to relevant content across the Internet, and business is booming for the online display advertising business of the search industry leader. Savvy advertisers can leverage the power of the search giant to their own ends, customizing ad campaigns to ensure they reach potential customers and appear in the most relevant search results. This can give ad companies and experts an edge in the online display advertising marketplace.

Digital display advertising comes in many different forms. The most common ads use text or images to relay an advertising message. The dynamic online display advertising tools of Google take these messages and match them with page text and content available across a wide network of webmasters and information providers who create ad space on their pages. Advertising professionals who wish to capitalize on the most basic digital display advertising types need to create compelling ads that fit the exact requirements of Google's ad network. Google regularly makes over $2 billion in ads delivered through this network and predicts continued increases in the near future.

New advancements in the online display advertising market have helped create a bevy of different opportunities for advertisers. Video ads now accompany footage placed on YouTube, allowing almost anyone who creates online video content to monetize their YouTube account by entering a partnership with Google. Advertising on video often requires your own set of both text and video ads, and the pricing varies dramatically based on the types of video you select and the expected competition in the market. The expansion into new technologies is another sure sign of booming display advertising.

A whole new world of advertising, using Google+ social network ads, has recently launched. Google +Post makes it easy for brands to turn any of their posts on the social media site into ads quickly and easily, these then travel through the online display advertising network and provide many different ways to communicate with the advertiser. +Post may well change the face of online advertising as users begin to adopt the system by allowing real-time communication much in the same fashion as Twitter and other quick-response social media outlets. This emerging new method of engaging potential customers is a serious contender in the current marketplace.

The advertising industry is one of constant change. Methods that worked ten or even five years ago are quickly rendered ineffective by new advertising concepts and rollouts. Google sits at the pinnacle of online display advertising, and there is no sign that the king of search is willing to relinquish his hill in the near future. Booming online display advertising is only one of Google's income streams, but it provides a wealth of resources for the savvy advertiser.


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