Golfball in High Weeds

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A Golf Ball in High Weeds I’m sure you’ve felt it at some point in your life that disoriented feeling. You thought you knew exactly where you were and where you were headed. Your goal was to climb to the top rung. Perhaps you even made it, only to realize you’d been climbing the wrong latter. You feel lost. What’s worse, you wonder if you’ll ever be found…or found out! It’s something we all go through at some point in our lives. You’ve chased a career with excitement and fervor. One morning got up and things just weren’t the same. A little off your mark. That indescribable feeling of lackluster. Ahhhh…the beginning of the end. I used to dread those moments when I began to feel detached from my job because I thought there was something wrong with me. I simply could not maintain the enthusiasm over the long haul. You see, for me to be successful or even survive that long haul, I must travel down very different roads, with varying scenery and new faces. I must go at different speeds and rhythms. What I perceived then as failure was really just me positioning myself to be fulfilled in life. My clients report those same feelings. So I began to look for ways to handle those feelings when they come so we can really be happy in life. Here are a few tips to help you, Mr. or Ms. Golfball. Embrace Your Individuality! Truth be told, none of us really fit the mold. I don’t know how that mold ever got started but what I can tell you is that I have never met two people exactly alike. I know several sets of identical twins. From a distance they look as if they are… umm… well, identical. But they are very different. They are very unique, even though they might look as though you’re seeing double. You were created like no other in the entire universe. Accept it. Celebrate it! Follow the path that your unique journey takes you. It is the road to fulfillment. Lost is a Great Place Once I realized that when I felt lost in my present my new adventure was about to begin, I looked at the weeds differently. Those feelings actually shield you from going down roads that are not yours. During those times when you feel all alone out there in those high weeds, your greatest ambitions are birthed. When your mind is quiet, you can hear your inner voice—that still small voice—telling you which way to go. Don’t Look Back When it’s time to depart for a new journey, don’t look back. Keep your eyes focused forward to where you’re headed. Looking back not only can cause unnecessary regret, but it can cause you to crash on your current path. You wouldn’t even think about driving your car at 70 mph while you’re looking backward. Why? You know it would not be a safe and wise decision. I would likely abruptly end your journey with a sad and untimely end. The same holds true in your own life journey. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Live it!

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