Going to Great Depths to Please Guests

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While hotels in space are still a few decades away, hotel groups are going to great depths to lure guests with new and exotic experiences.

Take the Jules' Undersea Lodge in Florida, for example. It accommodates certified divers, giving them the opportunity to reach a research lab that rents out aqua rooms. Named after Jules Verne, this marine life research resort is actually 21 feet below the surface. Once guests are set up in their rooms, they’re free to use specially designed tubes with unlimited air (rather than scuba gear) for exploring. Guests can actually spend several nights underwater without surfacing. Both bedrooms have round, nearly four-foot windows with views of passing angelfish, barracudas and snappers. An on-site chef can even prepare a gourmet dinner.

Then there's the Poseidon Undersea Resort off the island of Eleuthera. Accessible via pressurized tunnel, guests are treated to a stunning undersea display of marine life via transparent acrylic walls. The area's spectacular coral gardens are visible from each suite.

Topping this in pure luxury is Dubai's Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel, which boasts 220 lavish bubble-shaped suites, a spa and even a ballroom.

Finally, there's Hilton's Maldives Resort & Spa, featuring a glass-encased, reverse aquarium-style Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Thatched-roofed, red cedar beach and water villas stand in clear shallow waters. It's the perfect paradise.

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