Four Ways to Make Your Hospitality Resume Stand Out

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Things may be picking up in the hospitality industry, so if you’re looking for a job in this field, you’ll want to polish your resume and make it shine. Here are some tips to help make your resume stand out from the clutter:

Detail Previous/Present Employers. HR managers may not know everything about the top hotels in your area. If you worked or are presently working for a well-known organization, include its star rating and specifics like number of rooms, kitchen, banquet and meeting room amenities, recreational facilities (gyms, pools, spas, etc.) and other key features.

Focus Tightly on Job Objective. Resist the urge to generalize your job objective in hopes of landing any position in a coveted hospitality organization. Remember, there are hundreds of applicants for most hotel jobs, especially the good ones. So be specific. If you have experience in special events planning for business functions, indicate that. If you’re an IT person with operational experience, list that in the objective heading. Most applicants will have general hospitality experience, so you'll want to stand above the crowd with specifics.

Tout Specific Accomplishments. HR managers want to know how your efforts contributed to a hotel’s bottom line. They’re looking for quantitative reasons to hire you, not just qualitative. Don’t be shy about indicating how much your cost-cutting or efficiency program saved your employer in dollars and/or time. List, too, any awards or recognitions you earned and how those accomplishments contributed to the hotel’s improved operations.

Include Service Accolades. If your present or past hotel conducted customer satisfaction surveys and you scored high marks in one or several areas, include these specifics on your resume. You should even include excerpts of notes from satisfied guests. If these notes include your name, so much the better.

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