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In this current slow economy, any good news is usually welcome. Well, it seems according to reports, that hiring in the logistics and supply fields is on the rise. Over 49,000 supply chain jobs were posted in the past three months alone, which is a rise of 24% over the same time period last year, according to Wanted Analytics. It appears businesses are slashing costs and improving performance by focusing on the supply chain.


Rhoda Isaacs, President of the logistics and recruiting firm R.I. James, had this to say, “Years ago, the supply chain was considered a cost. Now, it’s seen as an area of savings. [Supply chain professionals] can directly impact the bottom line.”


When it comes to supply chain positions, professionals are saying the following are in high demand today:


  1. Demand Planning Analyst: this position is in charge of maintaining proper inventory levels, to avoid having too much or too little on hand, which can greatly affect a company’s bottom line.
  2. Procurement Manager: costs must be kept down while still maintaining inventory flexibility and redundancy, through managing sourcing, negotiating with suppliers and monitoring their performance.
  3. Distribution Center Supervisor: managing the team of warehouse workers and logistics professionals to keep things running smoothly also greatly impacts the bottom line.
  4. Supply Chain Consultant: these groups work with many various clients to deal with issues and supply chain problems. They offer a third-party perspective to assist businesses in improving their supply chains.


One article noted these three high-demand skills throughout all of the logistics fields:


  • Supply Chain Fundamentals – Joel Sutherland, Managing Director of the University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Institute, says that industry professionals are asking universities to instruct on the downstream effects of actions within the supply chain. “Through teaching an end-to-end perspective, students have a better understanding of the total delivered cost and the optimized solution,” explains Sutherland. This includes a greater focus on the subjects of finance and accounting and general business administration.
  • Analytical Thinking and Quantitative Acumen – Professionals with an exceptional knowledge of engineering, statistics and finance are in high demand. Michael Hasler, Associate Director of the University of Texas Supply Chain Management Department, says that UT has responded with new coursework and degree programs, such as its certificate in Supply and Logistics Optimization and an upcoming Masters in Business Analytics.
  • Written and Verbal Communication – Excellent communication skills are especially important for successful supply chain professionals. Jeff Karrenbauer, CEO of software and consulting company Insight, describes its importance as the following: “If you’re speaking in front of an executive and you nail your supply chain presentation–that’s the fastest way to be remembered in this business.”


For those with these skills under their belt already, this can be great news. For those looking to get into the field, or already in an entry-level position in the industry, this will hopefully help you see more of where you might want to focus attention on to achieve greater success in this market.



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