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Many users are turning to mobile technology for social media, news, and online shopping. This creates a great opportunity for experts in mobile advertising to carve out their own niche, and large companies such as Facebook have embraced the move to mobile as a way to grow their own platforms. The social media giant now seeks to increase its own revenues through a collection of ads; it has the potential to create its own mobile advertising network that could use the vast amount of data supplied by social media users to help tailor ads designed specifically for each user.

Advertising experts constantly tweak their methods and explore new venues of delivering the information buyers need to connect with companies for goods and services. Facebook understands the value of mobile advertising, and it has already seen revenue increases as it makes headway towards establishing itself as a leader in the market. Advertising on the Facebook mobile app accounted for 30 percent of the ad revenues generated by the social media company within a year of launch, making it a valuable income channel for the company.

Current Facebook mobile ads are delivered through the mobile app and most commonly take the form of install ads. These mobile advertising pieces invite users to install other applications on their devices, and they are widely viewed by developers as a top tool for generating interest in new applications. Facebook works with many different companies to solicit and create ads, and its ability to use data provided by social network users to tailor content specifically for each user allows it to provide advertisers with a highly targeted market for Facebook mobile ads.

The ability to target niche audiences and ensure a close match between advertiser offerings and user interest has many analysts predicting that Facebook may soon launch its own advertising network similar to those available through other major online companies. A Facebook network could potentially use information from the likes, comments, and shared links that social network users post to the platform. Facebook has recently made strides towards ensuring data privacy and compliance with its current policies by current mobile advertising partners, which is a good sign for those who may receive ads from a Facebook-driven network in the future.

Facebook has made strong headway into the mobile market. Its social media application integrates install and similar ads into news feeds from users, and it has the ability to generate highly targeted content that mobile advertising experts can use to reach specific audiences. The possibility of a Facebook-driven mobile ad network in the future could provide the company with even more ways to monetize its large presence in the world of mobile content and marketing.



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