Expand Your Sales Career: Why Marketing Makes Sense

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As a sales professional, you undoubtedly understand how to find prospects, personalize your pitch and close the sale. Why not take that knowledge and leverage it for a lucrative career that offers the same amazing income potential as sales but with more stability than a commission-only job? Marketing careers make perfect sense for those with some sales experience and success under their belt.

Marketing 101

Marketing is simply sales at a larger level. In sales, you focus exclusively on selling your particular widget or service to one client at a time. In marketing, you take a big picture approach. Instead of selling one item to one person, you are creating a brand that will appeal to a broad base.

Let’s think of it in terms of the auto industry. If you are an auto salesperson, you spend your day trying to sell a car to a prospect. If you are a marketing professional, you spend your day trying to sell a lifestyle to an entire demographic. Marketing is the broad strokes—it is the why this vehicle is hip and young and appealing. Sales is the fine tuned approach. It is taking those broad strokes and customizes them down to why this vehicle is perfect for your prospect.

While marketing can demand long hours, it can also provide greater predictability than straight-commission sales jobs. Most marketing professionals earn a salary and generally work during normal business hours. For those with a family to support, marketing can offer a welcome change from the monthly fluctuations in income and hours that is often the hallmark of sales.

Find Marketing Jobs

For job seekers, it is important to know that marketing positions cover a variety of services. Some marketers focus solely on advertising and promotions while others may play a role in product development. Before sending out resumes, it is important to consider your strengths and pursue positions that fit your interests.

Remember than marketing jobs might fall under a variety of titles. These include:

• Account Manager
• Brand Manager
• Market Analyst
• Public Relations Director
• Media Buyer
• Product Development Manager

Some marketing positions require a bachelor’s degree or other formal education. However, applicants with extensive sales experience should not be afraid to apply for these positions even if they don’t have the required education. The real world experience of a successful sales professional can be more desirable than an unproven individual with a degree.

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