Entertainment Jobs in Hospitality. Who needs American Idol?

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Like to sing and dance? Want to showcase your talent on the piano, guitar or trumpet? Many hospitality jobs on cruise ships, at amusement parks and resorts are hiring entertainers. If you long to become a professional entertainer, but didn't make the cut on American Idol, you can hone your singing, dancing and instrument playing skills in the hospitality industry.

And if you're finally "discovered," you'll be following in the footsteps of some pretty famous people who got their start in the hospitality industry. Pros like Taye Diggs and Blair Underwood--both began their acting careers at the Busch Gardens amusement park. Comedian Steve Martin worked at Disneyland's Magic Store on Main Street USA before sticking an arrow through his head and singing "King Tut."

So how do you get started? Apply to amusement park jobs at places like Universal Orlando. Step up to the mike and audition for any open spot. You may have to start at the bottom with a small bit act or tiny recital. But keep at it and work your way up to lead performer. If you like the idea of working on a cruise ship or resort, apply for any of the spots available for actors, singers and dancers.

While times are tough and hiring may be tight at casinos, hotels and amusement parks, cruise ships are hiring. In the last four years, all leading cruise lines have doubled their fleets and number of employees. Full scale Broadway and Las Vegas style production shows are performed aboard all cruise mega-ships.

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