Do Your Employees Have a Voice in the Culture of the Company?

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Company culture involves several dynamics, including the core values that the company holds above all others and a mission statement that tries to explain what a company is all about. Learn how to give your employees a voice in the corporate culture while trying to stay on top of industry trends and moving your business model forward through a transition period. Your business culture may be more important than you realize.

Listen to Millennials

Millennials have a much different view of a successful career compared to previous generations. Millennials often seek out a company culture that fits their own mindset, and they want to be a part of something that changes the world rather than just offers a paycheck and great perks. Learn to shift your culture towards what new employees want. This means actively listening to workers, delving into employee engagement and communicating with people as to the company's direction.

Showcase a Purpose-Driven Company Culture

Millennials need to know the purpose of a company before signing on for a long-term role. Yes, the obvious purpose of a company is to make money, but how and why does your company do that? More importantly, do all of your employees know why your company exists? A knowledge gap from company leaders down to entry-level employees indicates a lack of emphasis on corporate culture and a company's mission.

It all starts with having a clear mission statement, such a Lowe's that says, "To help people love where they live." That short statement shows why Lowe's exists and how employees should approach their jobs. Showcasing the mission statement from Day One with new hires gives them a chance to develop and grow within your company structure, and then maintaining an open dialogue lets you hear what new employees have to say about your culture.

Provide a Voice for Employees

Communication is the key to enhancing your company culture. Give employees a voice and let them know it's okay to communicate with leaders regarding their thoughts on the company's mission. Providing a voice for new hires increases employee engagement, helps workers take the initiative, and gives people a sense of ownership within their position. Creating this open communication introduces a way for your company to solve problems when challenges arise, so this is important beyond just talking about corporate culture. Move towards having a real-time feedback environment so you can take action when appropriate.

Gain Trust and Respect

Everyone in the firm must adhere to the company culture, which means leading by example when it comes to your managerial style. Establishing a trusting environment improves retention rates and increases revenue. Promote a culture of positivity that fosters growth and learning. Understand that when you help your employees succeed, that translates to success for the company.

Enhancing and transforming your company culture takes time and effort, especially as trends change rapidly due to technology and a younger generation taking root in the workforce. What do you do to impart a corporate culture and core values on new hires?

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