Do Ads in Mobile Apps Have Any ROI?

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The number of people who use smartphones every day has increased dramatically in recent years, leading some advertising professionals to wonder whether mobiles ads are a realistic alternative to traditional advertising campaigns. This type of ad lets you target customers based on their actions and habits and can therefore target customers who are more likely to buy your products and services. Google recently announced new tools that it claims will help you determine if your mobile ads are giving you a decent return on your initial investment.


Mobile advertising is a simple method you can use that encourages potential customers to click on ads to learn more about your company. Goggle lets you advertise your company through its AdSense program, and once you pay for your ads, the company will place banners and ads on different websites. You can earn money when people click on those ads, but you also gain exposure for your brand. Google's Full Value of Mobile program will help you see exactly how much return you make on your investment. You can see how many people click the ads for your company, the numbers of shoppers who make purchases, and which ads send the most traffic to your website.


While Google hopes that the program will drive more people to try its mobile ads, Facebook has decided to take a different route. Companies are predicted to spend more than $30 billion on mobile ads by the end of 2016, which shows that the use of mobile ads is likely to keep growing. According to Dan Morris, Facebook hopes to take advantage of that growth with its new program, which you can download to any iPhone or Android device. The program lets you enter a simple URL, and it then links that website to an ad that runs on Facebook. Facebook ads have a higher rate of success than traditional website ads and banners, and they let you reach millions of potential customers at once.


Advertising is a tricky business because you want to reach customers without alienating them. Mobile apps are simple programs that users can download to their tablets or smartphones, and, by running ads on those apps, they allow you to reach customers who might not notice your online banners. The cost of mobile ads is generally lower than that of traditional online ads, and you might find that customers are more likely to click ads they see on their phones than those they see on their computers. As you pay less for mobile ads, you're likely to see a greater return on your investment than if you purchased ads on a typical website.


Smartphones make it easy for customers to stay connected and surf the Web because these phones do almost everything a computer does. Mobile apps let users play games, edit photos and documents, connect to social networking sites, and do dozens of other tasks. By attaching mobile ads to the apps that your customers actually use, you are likely to see a return on your investment.


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