Cover Letters Are Not a Lost Art

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Composing a cover letter for every job you apply for is a time-consuming process, and due to the popularity of electronic application software, less recruiters require applicants to submit them. These facts cause many job seekers to wonder if it's worth the effort to craft a cover letter to include with their resume. Here are a few reasons why you should always include a cover letter with your resume if recruiters give you the option.

To Set Yourself Apart

Job recruiters typically expect to receive a cover letter along with a resume; if you don't submit one, you might set yourself apart from other applicants in a negative way. Job candidates who don't take the time to craft a cover letter are generally considered less motivated than applicants who submit a well-written cover letter that's specifically targeted to the company. Set yourself apart in a good way by crafting a letter that explains why you're interested in working for the organization and how the open position aligns with your professional goals. Describe your passion for the industry, and explain why you're a valuable asset to the company. This type of letter captures the interest of hiring managers and drastically increases your chance of getting to the interview phase.

To Provide Additional Details

An important reason why crafting cover letters is worth the effort is because the document gives you an opportunity to reveal additional details about the information in your resume. Use your letter to detail the clients you landed, awards you received and other experiences that helped you move forward in your career. There's no room to provide this information on a standard resume. Without this document, you would not have the opportunity to brag about yourself in a way that captures the recruiter's attention. Cover letters are also great for providing brief details about gaps in employment.

To Build a Rapport With Recruiters

Recruiters can gain insight into a person's personality by reading his cover letter, which makes it an important tool for building a rapport with the recruiter. In your letter, explain how your values align with the core values of the organization. Mention a top-level member within the organization, and explain why you admire his work. Always ensure your letter is uplifting and positive as recruiters are likely to associate your personality with these traits.

Cover letters are not a lost art; they are essential for introducing your best self to recruiters and highlighting the experiences and skills listed in your resume. Unless the job recruiter explicitly prohibits a cover letter submission, take the time to craft a letter that sums up why you're the best candidate and why you want to work for the company so you can capture the attention of recruiters and stand out among other applicants.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @joseph c thanks for your comment. A cover letter is like a letter of introduction. It's a quick way for them to get a better idea who you are and what you bring to the table that can help them. They don't want to hear about your resume, again - but how you would help the company if you were to be hired. Do a quick search on the internet for a sample cover letter for the position - such as sample cover letter for an auto mechanic. You will see tons of responses and you can skim through them to get an idea. Hope that helps.

  • joseph c.
    joseph c.

    what steps do I take fore cover letter

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