Cold Calls and Taking Rejection

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The Inspired Telemarketing blog notes that even the worst salesperson will close at least one deal if that person makes enough cold calls. The reverse of that little bit of wisdom is also true. No matter how great you are at the job, it usually only takes a few calls to start racking up rejection. By using a few sales techniques and motivation tips, you can reduce the toll rejection takes on your approach to cold calls.

Common responses to rejection including moving on without recognizing the no and moving forward in spite of the no—neither are the right move to make. One downside to cold calls is that they can seem impersonal, so the best salespeople do enough research to make a call as targeted as possible. You take time to get a contact name, find out a little about a company's needs, and prepare for a call. Take a second to say thanks for someone's time, even if it's only a quick word at the end of the call or a follow-up email when someone says no via virtual communication. Once you show your manners, don't keep reaching out. In most cases, continual contact after someone's said "not interested" will come across as annoying and rude.

Understanding the right sales techniques for responding to rejection makes you seem professional and may encourage prospects to contact you in the future if things change. When you're making dozens of cold calls each day or week, future possibilities do little to keep you from feeling the oppression of constant rejection. Back-to-back rejection is hard to stomach even when you expect it, so make sure you temper the unpleasant with the positive. Schedule at least two positive tasks every day to reboot your brain and mood. Such tasks could include following up with favorite customers, posting funds to an account, or reading up on new products. Everyone's different, so you'll need to figure out what tasks you most enjoy or give you the biggest feelings of accomplishment.

According to Inspired Telemarketing, cold calls and rejections can sap your motivation, so it's important to take breaks and set realistic goals. Take a step—preferably more than one—away from the computer or phone. A short walk, a cup of coffee, or reading a book for ten to fifteen minutes can give your mind a quick boost. The more cold calls you make, the higher your likelihood for success. Set a goal for the number of calls you want to make each day and reward yourself as you reach milestones. Take a break after every fifteen calls, or promise yourself a special dinner if you break your daily record.

Cold calls are one of the most challenging aspects of a sales career. Bringing strong sales skills and personal motivation to the mix can help you succeed without burning out under the weight of rejection.

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