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Suppose for a moment that you are considering applying for a part-time position in the hospitality industry. Most of the time, the large chain hotels – the Holiday Inns, the Radissons, the Marriotts or the Hiltons – are not looking for part-time employees. The same may be true of the local, independently owned and operated hotels and motels. But have you ever stopped to think about approaching a local bed and breakfast inn?

Over the past years, the B&B “industry” has seen a boom. In 1981, The Guide to Guest Houses and Tourist Homes in the USA, listed 300 properties; two decades later, more than 20,000 B&B’s in the USA were available. Travelers’ desire to spend a quieter and more genteel vacation has helped to spark this interest and the internet has made it possible to find and reserve B&B lodging. Industry projections are for leveling-off of growth, with B&B’s opening to replace those closing. There may very well be a job opportunity for you at a nearby B&B, whether it is an established inn or if it is just opening.

B&B’s are usually owner occupied and serviced; this means that any position there may well be part-time. With 1-15 rooms per inn, the B&B does not have to turn-over 150 or more rooms a day in an 8-hour period! But the owner/housekeeper may want someone to aid with the change of rooms and the cleaning of the public areas. Remember also, that the busy times for the inns are on the weekend, meaning housekeeping assistance might be required only on those days.
The same scaled down limitations are applicable to the area of maintenance and property care. The B&B does not have 100’s of AC or industrial boilers running around the clock. There aren’t extensive grounds and parking lots to clean and maintain. But, a general “handyman” may be needed. Think of the duties you do around your own home: mow and rake the lawn, weed the flower beds, paint and patch the walls, clean the windows and gutters. This same work may be needed at the B&B.

So, if looking for part-time work, the B&B may be your best bet. Just because B&B’s are mom and pop operations doesn’t mean that mom and pop don’t need a little help around the place. Check it out!

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