Are You Too Old to Do Career Planning Once Again?

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Ever wondered what it really feels like to quit your job and pursue a different and more appealing career? If you’re not that young anymore, you may be concerned that changing careers would come with too many obstacles that you have to overcome, such as salary cut, age discrimination, and the need to learn new technology. None of these should discourage you from making an important change in your life though.

Here are some myths related to midlife career changes that should not stop you from going after a career you’ve always wanted.

#1 You are too old to start in a new career.

Unless you change your own perception of what you can and cannot do because of your age, you’ll never have success in your career change. Although you’ll likely get criticized for your decision to quit what you’re doing and pursue a different path, you need to prepare yourself for this and stick to what you believe is going to make you happy and fulfilled.

#2 Making a career change means starting at the bottom once again.

Well, this isn’t always the case. Being a newcomer in a different field doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any skills and experience that you can use. This is where your transferable skills would matter most. By showing your new employer that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this industry, there is a huge chance you won’t have to start from the bottom.

#3 An old dog can’t learn new tricks.

Who says this is always true? Well, of course you will be experiencing a learning curve in your new career, but you should not lose confidence in your own ability to learn and acquire new skills. What’s important is that you keep your eyes on your goal, which is to find a career that is in line with your interests and beliefs. Also, you need to be ready to undergo training if you’re asked to, and to be taught by people who are younger than you.

#4 Old workers don’t have a chance at career advancement.

Career advancement is for everyone. As long as you have determination, desire, and patience, advancing in your career is very much possible. No matter what your age is, you can get whatever you want in your career as long as you really want it.

If any of these myths are stopping you from going after a career you’ve wanted for a long time, you just have to think about all the good reasons you should do career planning anew. You should also make an effort to open your mind and focus on your capabilities rather than on your fears. Remember that change always comes with risks, but in the end, you’ll see that it’s all worth it.

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