Are You Doing What You Love?

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Donald Trump has often been heard giving this advice to his young minions seeking financial success,  “Do what you love, find your passion and success will follow.”  


Whether you go to college or learn a trade,  your success will depend on your internal drive to do something meaningful with your life. It’s that “fire in your belly” that will help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you face every day in the world of work. And if you’re doing what you love, it won’t seem like work, but play. 

To find what really motivates you to succeed isn’t always easy. Each of us is wired differently, and once we identify who we are internally, we can leverage that into a career that truly satisfies us—in other words, we’ll do what we love, it will seem like play, and we’ll succeed. 

So which of these personality types identifies you?

Instructor. You love to teach and will do well in the fields of education or as a sales trainer, recruiter or group leader. You like to interact with people on a plural scale. 


Sage.  Your need to instruct is more internal. You tend to thrive in careers as a counselor, psychologist or career consultant. Other careers for which you would be suited include social worker, HR consultant or mediator. This personality type also finds fulfillment in the solo creative fields as an artisit, novelist or designer.

Hero. You crave attention, which is why you’ll do well as a journalist, publicist, copywriter, cartoonist or actor. Everything you do must be sui generis—unique and draw attention. You get bored easily and crave a creative challenge. 

Protector. You have refined social skills and enjoy dealing and helping people. You tend to be happiest in careers like medicine and healthcare—doctor, nurse, therapist and the like. You may also find the fertile ground of success as a real estate agent, sales rep or special ed teacher.

Action-Prone. As a member of this group, you’ll do well as a paramedic, law enforcement officer or pilot. You thrive in high-pressure financial careers—stock brokers, hedge fund managers, and people who take risks. You need to be where the action is, for example, as part of a news crew, or on the front end of sales where big deals are closed.

Aesthetic.  You seek value-driven careers that make a difference in peoples’ lives. You’ll be drawn to medical or veterinary positions, or the fields of education or social work. You may also find satisfaction as painter, sculptor, fashion designer or chef. 

Finding what motivates you isn’t rocket science, but common sense. It’s simply tapping into what you love to do and developing it until it becomes of value to others.



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