6 Tips to Crank on the Creativity

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Many areas of life require a certain amount of creativity. Getting a job is no exception.  But, after weeks, months, even years of looking, it’s easy to feel like your spark is out and your creativity well has run dry.


If that’s the case you may need to exercise your creativity muscles a little more. I’m not sure where exactly they’re found in the body, whether it’s the heart, the brain, the hands or the backbone but if you don’t use them you’ll lose them.


Try to tackle some of these tasks every week to keep your creativity in top form.

  1. Creativity Log – Not quite a journal, not quite a to-do list, a creativity log keeps track of anything that amuses you. Jot down jokes, peculiar ponderings, imaginative inventions, or a plethora of project ideas so you can refer back to past creativity when you’re running low in the future.
  2. Snap Shots – It doesn’t matter if you’re using a point and shoot, a professional digital SLR camera or even your phone as long as you take the time to stop and shoot the roses. Ignore the rules of photography and capture whatever catches your eye.
  3. Read More – Fiction and non-fiction can both inspire copious creativity. How-to’s and biographies are great for motivation while novels and short stories whisk you into new situations and scenery. Increasing your reading will also improve your vocabulary and communication skills.
  4. Alone Time – Allow yourself to be alone from time to time and use it to just let go of your inhibitions. As the saying goes, dance like no one is watching. Sing at the top of your lungs or start a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Don’t hold back and you might discover something new that even you didn’t know about yourself.
  5. Eat Breakfast – It’s important for creative people to keep their energy levels up right from the beginning of the day. Even better is if you can come up with a creative presentation for standard breakfast food like a scrambled egg face or pancakes in the shape of cartoon characters.
  6. Ask Questions – Creativity and curiosity are cousins. By inquiring about others’ inspiration and motivation, you’ll be more likely to find your own.

Keeping your creativity in shape will bring great benefit to your life. Even if you don’t get the new job right away at least you’ll have fun.



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  • Heather Fairchild
    Heather Fairchild
    Afton. I agree completely how difficult a task it would be to try and measure creativity because it comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors and ideas. Playing Legos is a great way to get creativity cranking. If you don't have the money to shell out but still want to build check out http://ldd.lego.com/en-us/download/ for a virtual builder, it also lets you package and purchase the Lego sets you design. Google Chrome also has a Lego builder app available that takes up less memory on your machine.
  • Afton
    It is virtually imopssible to measure creativity. There are so many scales and so many degrees and categories of creative genius that it is just not sensible to test it in a systematic way. How to test your creativity? I guess you can start by exploring what talents you already have and building on it. For example, if you're somewhat good at drawing, try to invest some time in drawing something novel and extraordinary and see how it goes. Also, try playing with legos. Try building things using those toy blocks to see how creative you can be. I can also refer you to some sites which claim to test creative intellect so message me if you're interested. It's important to remember that creativity can never truly be tested and the creative geniuses of long ago devoted substantial time to their efforts in order to be considered creative. Finally, I think you're creative already for trying to find the answer to such an unique question in a place like this. Best of luck on your journey

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