5 Guidelines For Formatting Your Online Press Release

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One of the greatest ways to get traffic to your website is by creating a online press releases. Press release websites have made it so easy to submit to and have your content syndicated. However, there are some guidelines that you must follow. If you choose to ignore them, you may undergo the frustration of having your press release rejected. So here are some quick guidelines: 1) Don't use HTML - Even though your content is made for the web, you'll want to avoid using web code like HTML. Since your content may be syndicated, you must make it compatible with a variety of sites. Some sites may not have the capability to display content formatted with HTML. If this is the case, your readers will see strange tags that you wouldn't want them to see. 2) Check your press release for errors - Did you know that these errors can greatly effect your credibility? It's best to proof read your content before submitting it. Just in case you don't have a third party that can read over your content, you can use a word processing software like Microsoft Word. Many of these softwares have tools for checking grammar and misspellings. Although they aren't perfect, word processing software can provide you with some guidance for improving your press release. 3) Avoid constant uppercase characters - Whether you're used to using uppercase letters or you're trying to command your readers attention, using uppercase characters constantly is an easy way to get your press release rejected. Even if it goes through the editors, your chances of having your press release syndicated will lessen. 4) Avoid accented characters - If you're using words of a foreign origin, you'll still want to use the English alphabet in your text. If the press release website doesn't support foreign text formats, it's quite possible that your readers will see strange characters instead. 5) Don't include your email address in the body of your press release - It's understandable that you would want to provide plenty of information for possible prospects to contact you. With that in mind, it's very common for people to include contact information such as an email address. This is something that you want to avoid. There are special spamming software that will automatically collect email addresses throughout the web. Some press release sites will provide an option to enter your email so that you can present it in a way that will deter spammers from harvesting your email address. Charles Amith is a marketing consultant and the creator of Press Release Domination, an easy-to-read guide that will teach you the proper format for your press release and how you can dramatically grow your business. Click Here for More Info=>http://www.nichemarketingdomination.com/press-release-domination/ Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Charles_Amith

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